Why is translation so important?

Why translate?

When you want to get your message across, it is important to consider how your written material is perceived. You don’t just want to translate the words to another language – it should feel as if they were written in that language to begin with.

Poorly translated copy can seriously harm your brand and make potential customers question whether your business is trustworthy. Well-written copy shows customers that you care about and respect them, and that in turn gives them trust in you. 

Tips when you want something translated

To ensure the best possible translation, there are certain things you should consider; for example, provide the translator with relevant background information and reference material. 

Target group

Who is going to read your text? Laypeople or experts? Employees or customers? Academicians or fashionistas? There are many ways of writing copy. Your intended target group is crucial information for the translator, who must adapt the language and style so the recipients hear just the message you want.

Reference material

Share your company’s other documents so the translator can get a feel for your brand, your language and your terminology. Perhaps you have your own terminology lists or other internal material to share? 


It’s good to plan for translation at an early stage, rather than waiting until the last minute! Just like any other writing, translations need time to mature and be reviewed again with fresh eyes. This ensures better quality writing.

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