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Elin Nauri Skymbäck speaks at the Swedish Association of Professional Translators conference in Lund in 2017
Elin Nauri Skymbäck speaks at the Swedish Association of Professional Translators conference in Lund in 2017

Excellent copy in flowing native Swedish that doesn’t feel translated!

It’s important to convey a positive image of your company, your products or services. Trying to translate your copy on your own, or hiring an inexperienced, untrained translator, can sadly often have the exact opposite effect. I’m a professional language expert who not only translates, but adapts your copy to fit your and your company’s wishes.

With extensive university training in language and translation, I am an experienced translator and conference interpreter. Language and communication have been important to me all my life. I have lived and studied in several countries, including seven years in Finland as well as periods in Australia and France. This gives me a close relationship to and feeling for the languages I translate from. Growing up, I also spent entire summers in my family’s home in Spain.

Fact texts

I specialise in translating business and university documents, primarily from Finnish, English, Danish and Norwegian into Swedish. In addition I translate from French and Spanish into Swedish. I have over 20 years of translation experience in fields such as: business communication, environment, economics and finance, customer magazines and internal business communications, marketing and adverts, training materials, sales materials, the arts, psychology, government information, reports and official documents, fashion and beauty, food and drink and tourism. Other services are copywriting, SEO (search engine optimisation) and general writing assignments.

I produce copy in flowing native Swedish that doesn’t feel translated, with the bywords quality, flexibility, sensitivity to my clients’ needs and punctuality.

Clients include translation agencies, commercial companies of all sizes, government agencies, NGOs, foundations and funds. I also manage multilanguage projects to and from English and the Nordic languages (Finnish, Danish, Norwegian and Swedish). My broad range of skills and years of experience also mean that I know other skilled translators and collaborate regularly with them. As the current chair of the Swedish Association of Professional Translators (SFÖ), I have an extra insight into which translators meet the exacting demands I and my clients have.

Established translation agencies also hire me to train their staff.

I am a full member of the Swedish Association of facköversättarförening (SFÖ) of which I am the chair since 2017.

I am also a member of the Finnish Association of Translators and Interpreters (SKTL). Finlands översättar- och tolkförbund (FÖTF)

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